Quadcopter Reviews And Its Purpose

  • Quadcopter introduction
  • What reviews can do
  • Cameradojo reviews

Quadcopters or drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that don’t require a pilot to be physically present inside the vehicle in order to operate it. It is done remotely through a controller, or these days, a smartphone application. It uses WiFi technology in order to communicate, well the commercial ones anyway. The concept of quadcopters is a fusion of the RC helicopters several years back and the spy drones that the military uses in their surveillance operations. The fusion of these 2 resulted in what is now known as camera drones. The technology that was once used by the military is now available commercially and pretty popular among photographers and hobbyists.


So if you are looking for a camera drone or quadcopter, what you need to do is conduct proper research. First and foremost, determine what your needs are. What will you do with your quadcopter? Are you planning to just make it fly or are you planning to take videos and pictures? That way, you can properly look for the type of drone that suits your needs. Now, make a list of the top drones or quadcopters for the type you have chosen. A quick search on the internet will reveal which drones are the best. Then, it’s time to narrow down your list to the top 3 or 4 choices. Once you have done that, it is time to read spy drone quadcopter reviews at cameradojo in order to determine which one you prefer the most. That is the only way to determine the pecking order of the top drones you’ve chosen, well aside from personally trying it.

The spy drone quadcopter reviews at cameradojo are honest and informative so you will be able to make a good decision on which drone to buy. It is a good resource for those looking to buy a quadcopter. Cameradojo reviews are being used by many people as their go to resource site about drones and anything about photography.

Landscape Reviewed Online from Sleeklens

  • A list of reviews about landscape photography you can read online
  • Going for Sleeklens when editing outdoor scenes
  • Getting started with your landscape photography with some help from Sleeklens

Abode workflow reviews don’t come that often online, but when they do, they are so comprehensive that editing your photos afterwards would be quite easy, if and when you follow the procedures you get from these reviews. The question, however, would be, how about with landscape photography?


No worries at all because Sleeklens have an answer for that. In fact, you can always get a decent Sleeklens adobe workflows for landscape reviewed online at any given day. It is not something that is considered secret, because even professionals are checking in on these reviews for their landscape editing.

Enhancing that panoramic aspect of your photo takes some form of sophistication somehow. Since you are striving to make a good impression with your outdoor scenes, these Sleeklens adobe workflows for landscape reviewed on the web is always the way to go.

All photographers do have their fair share of humble beginnings, and if you’re still a neophyte in the field, the Sleeklens adobe workflows for landscape reviewed you have read recently is already a start. That is the kind of material that you need to include if you want make it big in the photography scene, and in particular, with landscape photography.

Better still, you need to check out Sleeklens on the web right now, and learn how to edit, let alone improve your landscape photos, the way professionals do on a daily basis. Remember, you can’t just tinker on your landscape photos the moment you have them, edit it with the right tools. And one way of doing that is by reading first these Sleeklens adobe workflows for landscape reviewed online.

Wedding Pictures Plus Presets Review

  • Reviews to read before enhancing your wedding photos
  • Enhancing your photography business by producing quality photos
  • Creating effects on your photos that perk up the imagination of your photography clients

You’ve been a wedding photographer for so many years now. And because you’ve been in this business for quite some time, you have developed a list of regular clients already. But you still want to raise the ante of your work, so you can convince more customers in the process.


Then these photographers wedding presets review should be a part of your itinerary from now on. If in the past you are not fond of reading reviews because it’s a waste of time, you might want to consider it this time. This is exactly what you need to do for you to secure and keep the interest of these clients.

Reading photographers wedding presets review, needless to say, gives you a lot of ideas on photo editing. It ushers you to some of the best tools and solutions that you need to follow, so you can create these stunning effects to your photo images. These reviews are works really from professional photographers, artists and designers.

One of the reasons why you need to check on these reviews are the suggestions that they give as far as editing and gadget use is concerned. Equipment matters most in photography, so if you can have these photographers wedding presets review with you, your wedding pictures are as good as those you have seen in glossy magazines and fashion websites.

You only want the best out of your wedding pictures, and you can give these pictures a boost if you consider the points that you can get from these photographers wedding presets review. This may sound like a personal opinion, but there lies in those reviews the secret behind every great wedding photo out there.

Lightroom and the Use of Presets

  • Presets and some of the benefits it has for your photography
  • Achieving that desired effect on your photo with the use of a Lightroom preset
  • Retro effect on photos with the use of presets for Lightroom

Having problems on how to improve your photos? Well, you don’t need to dig deeper online for that, Lightroom presets give you the full package when it comes to enhancing the color, texture and luminosity of your photos.


But what are lightroom presets, anyway? These are apps that you can download on the web. And, suffice it to say, there are hundreds of presets to choose from online, so you can achieve that particular effect on your photo.

You can practically achieve every imaginable effect with these presets. From retro to film to black and white to wedding photos, these Lightroom presets have it all. Besides, what are lightroom presets for but to make enhancements and improvements to your precious photos?

So if you are asking what are lightroom presets, just consider the enhancements that it can give to your photos. Even if you are just a beginner, you can create pictures that are worthy of emulation only professionals get at times.

Lightroom makes photo editing quite easy, you don’t need those old gadgets anymore when developing and enhancing your photos, like a dark room, for instance. All you need to do now is to download that desired preset and you are on your way already for that full photography experience, courtesy of these Lightroom presets.

So, what are lightroom presets? They are the next best thing when it comes to photo enhancement. No other app out there that is responsible for the increase of these graphic artists than what Lightroom presets have been able to do. And if you are serious about improving your craft as a photographer, why not start using these Lightroom presets right now?

Checking Out the Best Workflow Reviews for Landscapes

  • Workflow reviews to check out in 2016
  • Making a habit out of reading reviews before editing your photos
  • Stunning landscape scenes created after reading workflow reviews about it

There’s something about a photography list that you need to take into consideration. Most of the time this list contains some of the finest tools that you can use for your photography, including the best landscape workflow reviews of 2016.


Most of the best landscape workflow reviews of 2016 come from Sleeklens, because this is the only site that offers comprehensive reviews about photography gadgets and even photography in general. For more of these workflow reviews, just check out this link, https://sleeklens.com/blog/.

But, why do we have to spend some time with the best landscape workflow reviews of 2016? The answer to that question might be varied, but the main thing why we should take heed of it is that it gives us options on how to go about our landscape scenes, particularly in editing these images.

The best landscape workflow reviews of 2016 contains a list of pieces that talks about improving the look of your scenes, how to edit certain elements in an outdoor picture, not to mention the details that go when editing images that has that panoramic aspect. These are the things that you can expect with a landscape workflow review.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the best landscape workflow reviews of 2016, and start elevating your images above the rest. Chances are, you will develop into a capable photographer if you inculcate the habit of checking out these workflow reviews before editing your photos.

Nevertheless, in case you want a stunning landscape scene from now on, the best landscape workflow reviews of 2016 would be a start, a start of an awesome career in photography.

The Best Lightroom Presets For Portraits

  • Lightroom introduction
  • Presets should be used for portraits
  • Resources for presets

Adobe Lightroom, one of the best photo post processing software available in the market today is a favorite by both professional photographers and hobbyists for the simple reason that it has everything you need to edit a photo.  Adobe, the same makers of Photoshop, has ensured that all the features available in Lightroom are user friendly and useful for that matter. Lightroom is famous for its non destructive editing capabilities which allow you to retain the original photo while still saving the edits that you make. You can also do a side by side comparison of the original and the edited photo. Aside from that, Lightroom is very powerful in terms of archiving capabilities. You can easily archive and arrange the photos stored in your computer.


But what makes Lightroom super effective is its presets. With the ability to import and export presets, Lightroom can speed up your whole editing process by more than half. And with the import capability, you can just download and import the best lightroom presets today. To do that, look for the best lightroom preset review. Presets are very useful especially for portrait photos because this is the most used type of photography today. Many people make a living shooting portraits. And if you are one of them, you can just download the best presets made by popular photographers. Some of them are free, while the premium ones require payment in order to download.

If you are looking for the best lighroom preset review, check out Johanfoto.com’s reviews. That site will be able to guide you with which presets to use for portrait photos. They provide comprehensive reviews about presets and all other Lightroom related stuff. It is the best Lightroom preset review site you can find on the internet today. Visit the site now.

Blogging About the Best Actions Cams To Use for Your Photography

  • A photography blog that offers comprehensive reviews, stats and testimonies about the best action cameras to date
  • Choosing the right kind of action camera by reading blogs about it
  • Expert opinions about camera and photography in general

If you’re planning to make some changes on your photography, particularly changing your camera, then you need to check out John’s photography blog about cams.

John’s take about cameras allows you to make intelligent choices when it comes to buying the right kind of camera. He writes about a camera as if it’s the most important tool in the world. He shows you certain features of it and how to use or navigate it in the process, so that you get more out of your newly bought gadget.

John’s photography blog about action cams also deals with the advantages and disadvantages of such cameras. The pros and cons, so to speak, so you will be able to decide which among these cameras will serve you best.

John is an accomplished photographer himself. So he knows a lot about shutters, lenses, films, angles, composition of a picture, and even the maintenance of cameras. So you get more out of John’s photography blog about action cams.

His reviews have a thousand followers. He is an authority as far as cameras and photography is concerned. He tells you which of these cameras bring out the best of your photos and which ones are not. John’s knowledge about photography is unquestioned, and he shares his expertise through his blog.

If you have time, read John’s photography blog about action cams, so you can get the right type of action camera for your photography. What a blessing John’s photography blog about action cam is, because you can get an expert advice from one of photography’s brightest stars.

Your Wedding and Your Lightroom Vow

  • An assortment of Lightroom presets for your wedding pics
  • Photo editing solutions that can make intricate but intimate enhancements in your photos
  • Photo app that has its own storing system for its files

Why choose Lightroom presets for your wedding pics? You might have asked that question to yourself. Why do we need to take heed of these wedding Lightroom presets?

The answer to that lies in its features. Lightroom, which has its rich collection of presets online, covers every imaginable enhancement you can think of when it comes to your wedding pics. Let us examine, nonetheless, some of these features, so that we will have a good idea why these wedding Lightroom presets is the answer to your wedding pics.


  • Dense and Diversified – This is already mentioned countless times as part of the reason why people go to Lightroom when they edit their photos. You will never run out of presets for your wedding pics because Lightroom makes sure that for every wedding moment you have, there is an appropriate preset for that.
  • Intricate and Intimate – Aside from its presets, though, Lightroom has its necessary addition in the form of brushes. These brushes come in the same way as with those presets, where you can use a specific form of brush for you to improve the line and texture of your photo images. This feature makes you wedding photos alive and ever vibrant like when you said your “I do”.
  • Storing and Safekeeping – These wedding Lightroom presets also has this unique benefit by way of having this customized storing system for you to file your images properly. It is quite convenient to use this tool, though, because you can safe keep your files away from any damages.

Make the most out of your wedding pictures, courtesy of these wedding Lightroom photos. You can be assured that you can have that desired effect you want with your wedding pics at the end of the day, even as these presets continue to generate beautiful memories along the way.

Tools for that Perfect Landscape Photo


  • Photo-editing tools that enhance your landscape photos
  • Lightroom preset that can change the season, the atmosphere or mood, of your landscape photo
  • 3D effect on photos through presets and brushes from Lightroom

You need a special tool to be able to enhance landscape photos. You can’t just use ordinary tools out there and come up with landscape pictures that resemble those found on magazine covers. Well, there is a photo-editing app for that, courtesy of Lightroom.

8According to picturechaser.com Lightroom offers presets and brushes for landscape photos. These are downloadable tools you can get online, free, and with interactive features for you to produce gorgeous landscapes in the process. Never has photo editing made easy until Lightroom came into the scene.

Its presets and brushes for landscape photos allows you to experiment with different kinds of effects, so you can present or post them on your social media page or website with that added Lightroom touch. You can enhance the saturation level, improve its hue and intensify the luminosity of your landscape photos.

Using these presets and brushes for landscape photography enables you to do the following:

  • Create that 3D effect on your photo – This is something new with photo editing or photography in general. Creating that 3D effect allows you to present your photos in a dynamic way, apart from its usual flat presentation. This 3D effect is perfect for architects and designers.
  • Change the season – With these presets and brushes for landscape photos, it allows you change the atmosphere of your picture as well, from spring to fall or vice versa, with a click of a mouse.
  • Turn it into black and white – You can create an almost caricature like image with these presets and brushes for landscape. This is another way of presenting your photos online to make it more interesting.

This is just a sampling of the many effects these presets and brushes for landscape can do to your outdoor shots. It is as if Lightroom is making things easy for you when it comes to editing or even enhancing your landscape art.

Download these presets and brushes for landscape photos now, and incorporate it on your photos. Let that sun brighten up its light, increase the luminosity of that moon and even heighten the twinkling of that star through these presets and brushes for landscape photos. Exactly the tools you need for your landscape art.

Spicing Up your Photos with Lightroom Presets

Pictures tell a thousand words, but if you can present it with some enhancements, it doesn’t only tell, it spices up everything.


That is the magic of using Lightroom presets for your photos.  This cool photo app offers a collection of free and paid presets for the enhancements of your photo image. Spicing up photos is not a work anymore of a seasoned photographer; you can now do it with Lightroom, for you to have that these equally cool photos on your websites and social media accounts.

It also comes in bundles, presets and brushes. This allows you to work on specific areas of your photo image for a more pronounced look. And you need not worry about its compatibility because these presets, which are downloadable online, can be used with Lightroom 4, 5, or 6+CC.

You can experiment with these Lightroom presets, from your landscape shots to your Vintage photo fetish and even creating an “afternoon feel” of your photos.

Lightroom spices up your photo experience because it allows you go over its tools with relative ease, making photo enhancing simply just a part of your personality, an extension of your mood. Hue improvements such as going infrared or employing a blurry effect on your image is some of the many tools that Lightroom has for your photos.

However, if you’re not into creating Lightroom presets, you can download more effective Lightroom presets online just like in Pinterest or Behance.

So if you are fond of posting your favorite food online, why not try a Lightroom preset or brush for it, and experience its sumptuousness just by looking at it.

Lightroom Tips: How To Edit Images Suitably?

Have you tried using presets Lightroom? If not, maybe now is the time to try and explore the wonderful features of Lightroom, especially the presets. Adobe developed Lightroom with a goal to help photographers with their workload. Presets can help photographers save time and effort in modifying hundreds of images as it doesn’t require manual editing.

aug1Lightroom is a very easy to use program. However, you still need to read some useful presets Lightroom tutorial in order to understand the program well. Lightroom is not just about presets alone, it also has the capability to organize images in one collection, share images online and print images directly. In this article, we will talk about some helpful tips on how to edit images appropriately.

But before anything else, let’s discuss a few things about the advantages of using Lightroom. Basically, one of the major benefits of using the program is that it helps you speed up your editing routine since it doesn’t require manual editing like you used to do in Photoshop. Moreover, you can easily modify images in Lightroom since it has a smooth sailing interface which means, everything you need in the process is there and ready to use.

Here are some few tips on how to edit images in Lightroom:

  • Download or purchase ready to use Lightroom presets online
  • Edit images and use presets
  • Use effects wisely to make perfect images
  • Control exposures, brightness and contrast wisely
  • Lightroom presets are reusable and modifiable, make changes if you want
  • Always remember that Lightroom is compatible with RAW and JPEG images.
  • Explore new features in Lightroom
  • Upgrade version as possible
  • Avoid using broken presets as it might destroy your images.
  • Organize images after the editing process
  • Create new presets every now and then
  • Share presets online


Benefits Of Using Keywords In Lightroom

I have been using Adobe Lightroom for several years now, but I have to say that I wasn’t able to explore all the other features of the program as I was busy focusing on creating presets and making good images. Until I get to read some Lightroom tutorials online, I was enlightened by the thought that it is possible to add keywords, metadata, tag and etc. in Lightroom. Not just that, It really took me months before I was able to understand  how to use keywords appropriately.

LR 25In what I understand and know clearly, Keywording in Lightroom is simply the basic fundamentals to describe an image. Just as what other well-known sites, they use keywords in their images to describe images so that readers will understand. Moreover, keywords help you find certain images, articles, and other important data on the web. Keywords in images act as a logo, resume template download, watermark and other forms of an identifier to make searching tasks easier.

Keywords in Lightroom is located in the library module in the program. Ideally, there are three available panels related to keywords: Keyword Lists, Keywording and Keyword Suggestions. Each of these keyword panels can be stretched depending on your style.

Here are some few good tips to keep in mind when using Keywords in Lightroom:

  • Keywords can be imported and exported from Lightroom’s modules
  • You can make a keyword for your businesses and use it for your images
  • List of keywords increases rapidly, make sure to create a unique one
  • You can use Keywords to make a list of free presets for Lightroom

Regardless if you have a small and big Lightroom image catalog, it is best to arrange and organize images by assigning useful and helpful keywords so that you will not have a hard time finding it in the future. In addition, using of keywords makes it easier for you to maintain your image collection.

Getting started with Lightroom for Mobile

If you have been working with Adobe Lightroom for any period of time then you have probably been using it on a computer. Some time ago, Adobe decided to launch Adobe Lightroom for mobile that works on the iOS and Android Platforms, they called it Lightroom for mobile.

Switching from the computer version of the software to the mobile one is not that hard. Of course the first thing that you have to do is get an iPhone, iPad or Android phone that is compatible with the software. After you have done that and installed the software, the next thing to do is to launch Lightroom CC and sign in using your Adobe ID.


If you do not have an account, all you have to do is sign up. Now that you have got everything up and running, it is time to look at the real workflow that involves working with Adobe for Mobile.

The second step is to sync your top action camera photos to the mobile device. This you do by tapping on “Add from Camera Roll” if you are iOS and “Add Photos” if you are on Android. This will add images to your camera roll or gallery. You can decide to tap one image to select it or swipe left or right to select multiple photos. When you are done selecting the photos you need, tap on the checkmark on the upper right corner.



To edit your photos, click on the adjust icon at the bottom of the screen to see the editing controls. To use a control or an adjustment, all you have to do is tap on one of them and slide your finger right or left to adjust.


Please note that for some of the controls, you may have to tap them and then choose from a predefined list of options.

When you are satisfied with the results, tap on the arrow on the top-left and this should return you to your collection while syncing the changes you have made to all the devices connected to your Adobe ID. Remember that you can always go back to the original photo with a single click.




Tget-started-lrmobile_4he last step is syncing all the changes that you have made, your edits and your collections to your computer. If you have Lightroom CC on your computer already, all of these items should sync automatically as long as you are connected to the internet. If not, get the 30-day trial and then sync all of the items you need and continue your work on a desktop.

Lightroom: Best Alternative to Photoshop?

pic8Most people often refer Adobe Lightroom as the best alternative to the famous Adobe Photoshop. However, some photographers do not agree with it since according to them, adobe lightroom is more convenient and powerful than Photoshop. In addition, this editing software is way cheaper than any other programs. In the past years, Photoshop have been one of the greatest tool for many until 2007, when adobe released one of much awaited tool that will help more photographers in their editing process.

Lightroom is known for its flexibility and reliability. It has a lot of outstanding features such as the ability to work and conver JPEG and RAW files, create wonderful lightroom presets or known as filtered images, organize images in one collection and the ability to edit hundreds of images in one click. Lightroom is also a non-destructive program that keeps the original setting of the raw image coming from the camera.  Moreover, it has features such as localized image adjustments, dynamic modifications, curves and more.

But with lightroom, all of the photo editing tools included were being organized into a more simple and useful interface. Lightroom does not only edit and organize images; they can also be used to share photos on web using lightroom web service and lightroom mobile version. This shows that Adobe system undoubtedly created one of the most exciting tools ever.

Moreover, adobe is consistent in bringing new and exciting versions of lightroom that will give joy and happiness to all the users around the globe. In lightroom, users are free to apply minor and major adjustments to a certain image. They can also create their presets and apply it to their top photos in the interface.

When we talk about lightroom presets, it is a collection of filtered images that can be made or downloaded depending on your decision. If you feel that you don’t have the skills to create presets, there are a lot of online sites that offers free or paid presets (It can be a nice preset for cv template download).


Adobe Lightroom will definitely not be a replacement for Photoshop since they have their own uniqueness and strengths. Lightroom wins the heart of most photographers since it helps them save more time and effort in editing images.

Beginner’s Guide: Tips On Photography

aug3We all know that photography can be a little tricky and complicated. I can still remember when I bought my first ever DSLR camera, I was overwhelmed and frustrated at the same time since I am still new to its settings and controls. It is very different than regular cameras.

It took weeks and months of trial and errors before I get used to it. When I finally get to master everything in the camera, I decided to take my photography journey on to the next level which is to shot more complicated subjects that only macro lenses can capture.

In this article, I will be sharing with you everything I’ve learned from the past about Photography including mistakes to avoid and things to remember.

If you want to know more about photography and how to make it even more stunning and beautiful, click here for some tips on lightroom presets and photoshop actions free.

Exposure Settings

Dealing with exposure settings can be confusing as it has a lot of things to note and remember. However, learning how to control it will help you make more beautiful images. The basic things that create better exposure are Shutter Speed, ISO and Aperture.

As soon as you learn everything about it, it will be easy for you to balance alterations such as noise, motion blur and more.

Shutter Speed Setting

Shutter speed comes after when the light passes through the lens of the camera. In addition, you can control and decide how much speed and light you need for a certain subject.


This is basically one of the important settings to adjust before exposure happens. This is mainly the hole inside the lens of the camera which the light passes through. Beginners need to note that the wider the aperture of the lens, more light comes inside the lens.


As you turn on the settings of ISO in your camera, you are increasing the exposure and decreasing the quality of the image at the same time. So, beginners should pay more attention on ISO settings to avoid more noise and other unwanted spots.

Where to Store Presets and Images in Lightroom?

LR28In today’s time, people are jumping into the latest craze of the newly released version of adobe lightroom. One of the reason of lightroom’s popularity is their cheap pricing and legit licensing. For as low as $150, you can enjoy a once in a lifetime subscription and licensed lightroom program. However, the other reason of their fast popularity is the presets and aperture.

For most photographers, using lightroom is more convenient than editing images in photoshop manually. Lightroom is a unique tool which helps photographers in their workflow. Moreover, with lightroom, you can organize your files in one collection so you will not waste time looking for your pictures.

So, where does adobe lightroom store most of your images? The answer is that it doesn’t merely store your image. The program organizes all of it for the convenience of the user. Unlike other adobe programs such as bridge and photoshop, presets lightroom is basically a database like filemakerpro, iphoto, photo elements organizer and other well-known database that stores images both online and offline. Lightroom do not store images alone, it also stores other important information about your images like date, time, data name and etc.

In addition, lightroom will save data such as original camera settings, keywords, flags, ratings, capture settings, and file location on your personal drive. So basically, all of your image’s important data is stored inside lightroom’s program. You can always review the information anytime you want. Lightroom designed it to help photographers speed up their workflow.

Where do lightroom presets go after downloading or creating it?

One of the several advantages of lightoom is that it has the ability to create personalized presets. Moreover, you can also use edited presets anytime you want since it is reusable and modifiable. In lightroom’s develop module, you can do everything you want from importing, exporting, create watermarks, slideshow setting, create photo layouts and a whole lot more. You can also control used presets to determine if how many times it was applied.

Transferring photos from lightroom’s module stimulates the program to generate a copy of the original image files. Whether the image has been edited or not, lightroom will always make a copy of it to preserve the original setting of the file. Essentially, lightroom presets are saved and stored in an entirely

Exporting an image from Lightroom prompts the program to create a copy of the original, with or without your edits applied, at the size and file format you specify, with or without a watermark, copyright info, and so on. As the infographic above shows, Lightroom presets are stored in a completely distinct storage or folder. You can save it anywhere you want within lightroom’s interface.

Always back up files

Backing up files is as important as saving important files. In lightroom, users are advised to back up their files such as original and edited images.

Everything About Lightroom Presets

lightroom1Do you ask yourself as to where those stunning and high quality images come from? Most brilliant and outstanding photographs that we see everywhere were from all levels of photographers. Do you want to know the secret behind their images? They produced wonderful images because of using Adobe lightroom, a photo editing tool that is capable in editing basic images easily.

In today’s generation, we do have a habit of taking pictures anywhere and everywhere we go and anytime we want especially on special occasions. However, in order to have the finest images, we need to use adobe lightroom to edit and organize our hundreds of images.

In addition, lightroom contains a lot of exciting and built in presets that will make every dull images into a livelier photograph.

What are lightroom presets?

Lightroom Presets are a group of built in filtered images which helps photographers in their editing process. From lomo, to vintage and black and white, lightroom presets has the capability to improve and develop images. Additionally, it can edit images manually since it has some features of photoshop such as editing its noice reduction, color enhancement and basic image editing.  It can also convert RAW and JPEG files.

There are a lot of lightroom presets available online. It depends on what version you are using. For example, you are using lightroom presets 6, search for the best preset for lightroom 6, download it and use it to all images.

Benefits of lighroom presets

Lightroom presets are known to have a user friendly interface. But its ultimate benefit is that it helps professionals save their time and effort in editing loads of images. By simply choosing a certain image, choosing the best lightroom presets and applies to all images and you’re done.

The best thing about adobe lightroom is that it you can balance your time effectively since everything is smoothly prepared from the applying presets down to conversion of files.


What is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom?

5We all know what Photoshop is; we all know that it is a tool for graphic designs and image editing. We also know that animators, designers, architects and photographers uses adobe Photoshop to enhance the quality of their designs. However, a lot of people got thrilled and overjoyed over the release of lightroom with presets. Before we discuss the features and services of lightroom, let’s try to define it first.

What is Photoshop Lightroom?

According to Wikipedia, “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a photo processor and image organizer developed by Adobe Systems for Windows and OS X. It allows viewing, organizing and retouching a large number of digital images.”

An expert of photography defines Adobe Photoshop Lightroom as “a digital asset management and photo editing tool in one. It is iPhoto on steroids. Lightroom helps organize your thousands, or even tens of thousands of photos, in a neat and clean interface.”

Basically, lightroom is a tool for beginners who want to explore their skills in photography. While it contains a lot of presets and filters, it does not have an advance photo editing tools such as converting to 3D objects and modifying videos.

Lightroom was designed and intended for professional photographers who want to save time in editing and enhancing their works since it has the ability to import and edit massive photos in just a few clicks. The tool is also capable in changing color levels, white balance, burn and dodge images. In addition, lightroom contains a lot of free lightroom presets which beautifies wonderful images.

On the other hand, adobe photoshop lightroom does not eradicate the need for adobe photoshop since it is still the best photo editing tool next to lightroom.

There is no need to confuse yourself between Photoshop and Lightroom because both of them was created by Adobe. Lightroom has the ability to handle massive editing while Photoshop retouches and finishes the job.

The Many Benefits Of Using Adobe Lightroom On A Picture

For quite a long time now, Photoshop has been known as the unbeaten champion of image editing programs. Even the term “photoshop” has gotten its way in the language of popular culture according to one of the leading sources of photography infoparrot.com. Everyone knows that Photoshop means altering an image digitally.

Well, since Photoshop has induced such a huge reputation, it is usually the first choice among photographers who are looking to edit their pictures or images. However, there came a contender, well known as Adobe Lightroom. It has pretty fantastic features of which some are different but a bit similar to the Adobe Photoshop. This has left most people wondering which software is the most ideal for their image editing needs.

Well, for starters, Lightroom was designed to be a software for professionals who handle very many photos and would like to go through them quickly, choose the one he likes and then retouch them. As a matter of fact, Adobe Lightroom does not eliminate the need for Photoshop, it comes from Adobe and this enables it to integrate very well with Photoshop. Simply, Lightroom can be thought as a management tool as well as a quick editing tool for photographers. But before that, here’s a guide on how to install Sleeklens lightroom presets easily:

The Many Advantages of Using Adobe Lightroom:

Lightroom is Made For Photographers

It’s that simple. While Adobe Photoshop might have everything you may need, it also has a lot of features you may not require as a photographer such as 3D rendering and vector graphics, just to mention a few. These extra features require a lot of space unlike Lightroom which requires just a 100 Mb to perform optimally.

Lightroom Has Remarkable Image Management.

The import feature on Lightroom is capable of making duplicate copies of images, one for catalog and the other for backup. Ideally, it does so in various formats such as DNG and RAW. Also, putting metadata and keywords upon import is easy and you can ideally apply processing presets.

Sensible Workflow

The software is organized into modules: Develop, library, slideshow, web and print. These features are only visible for a certain module, which perfectly makes sense. This makes Lightroom both easy and quick to learn as well as faster in terms of performance.

lightroom workflow

Copy And Paste Settings

If you make some changes on one image, you can easily apply them to any other images you wish on your catalog. All you need to do is copy from the history panel and select the various adjustments you wish to use. Then select the image and then paste. This can also be done with keywords as well as ratings.

Compare Images Easily

Adobe Lightroom makes it easy to compare similar images side by side when making a selection or when evaluating your adjustments. This aspect helps you to speed up the rating process and also compare the exposure settings when live shooting.

The above are just some of the many advantages of using adobe Lightroom as an image editing software. There are many more such as working with multiple files, presets, web galleries, better printing, more export options and many others.


church2I liked the lines on this side of the building so well that I took the trouble of removing a window that distracted from the overall form.
That’s a pretty rare move for me, but I liked the slightly more abstract look achieved by removing the window.

Sunrise Cactus

Cactus flowers are just special. The texture and colors are like nothing else in the world. Perhaps I’ve shot too many of them, but it won’t stop me from shooting more when the time comes.

More Getty

IMGP2863_MOD_smEveywhere you look….

Oak Creek Canyon

Back to Sedona…
Another shot made worthwhile by the 110 deg field of view at 10mm. Without the foreground, this shot becomes very ordinary.
Taken a few yards off the side of the road between Flagstaff and Sedona Arizona.


I think I’ll stay in Sedona for awhile.
Views like this have me looking into panoramic tools. Can you imagine this shot plus two shots added to the right?

Chapel of the Holy Cross

This must surely be one of the most photographed landmarks in Sedona. I wish I’d had more time to explore the possibilities because I doubt there is anything orignial about this effort. Even lacking origniality, you have to love the place